Meet our team!

Dibsy is Going to Change the Way Merchants Accept Payments in MENA and Here’s How

Hi there! We are Dibsy and we would like to welcome you to the future of payment solutions in Qatar. At the core of our company is an insanely driven, sometimes crazy, team of people that care about merchants and want to help them solve the problems they are facing.

Our brand is about enabling you to grow your business but in a new and fun way. We feel the way that online payments are currently operating in the region is slow, costly and annoying. Let’s skip all that and get to the good part, focusing solely on your business rather than how you’re accepting payments. Let us worry about that for you!

Our platform combines a user friendly interface with a design that’s visually pleasing and easy to navigate, with no learning curve. Bonus! We can have you set up and ready to go in just 24 hours!

We’ve built a Pay-by-link option that can be used to send your customers a link on any messaging platform such as WhatsApp, SMS, or Instagram and have them pay directly from there, no website needed… it just works. The dashboard also includes key features like Web APIs and SDKs, which might sound like tech wizardry to you but it just means that our system is top of the line and has the ability to make your payments run seamlessly.

Our platform also includes advanced analytics that give you insights into all the payments made by your customers. No more wondering where your money is going, you can see it as it’s happening! If you’re a numbers person, you can even dig deep and understand your buyer’s journey, or hey just watch your balance as it grows, we don’t judge ;)

We even took care of the small details, like offering an automated refund option directly on the dashboard. This will save you the biggest headache later when dealing with unhappy customers, trust us.

Dibsy has no setup, subscription or annual fees, we like to play fair and square, so you only pay us if your customers choose to pay online. Sign up now and start focusing on your customers. Make buying easy for them so they don’t second guess themselves and not make that purchase. Know who your most loyal customers are and what products they’re buying.

Qatar is paving the way to be the leading Fintech Hub in the MENA region and we’re excited to be a part of that.

Here to make payment processing stupid, sorry we meant simple.